Wednesday, June 15, 2005

STPalette 1.1

I worked a bit on the steptalk palette today, and I added some nice improvements...

steptalk palette sshot

  • You can create script outlets on the fly -- no need to use the object1,object2,...object9 limitation.. :-)

  • I added a non-ui object that you can instanciate as any object

  • The StepTalkView is still there, but more like a button containing a script. And actually by default its target/action is itself, so when you click on it, you execute the script. To change the default image, just dragn'drop another on it :-)

  • added a connection inspector to only show the script outlets

So basically now, it's more useable imho :-) and starts to be quite nice.

Check the readme files for more infos. You can download it from here:

enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

one .x release per day, nice schedule :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks great for prototyping applications. Developer can sit with a requestor and they can build the prototype together...

Nicolas said...

cdlm: I don't think I will do a release today though ;-)

stiivi: I remember reading something kent beck wrote, where he had his clients coding in smalltalk, simply because when they asked him what it was, he answered it was a description language for prototyping applications, not a programming language ;-) -- thus the clients were'nt "afraid" of it and apparently started to wrote some things in smalltalk to better describe what they wanted ^_^ (I'd like to find the text where he was saying that, it's a good one ;-)

Anonymous said...

Have you found the quote? I would be interested in that :)

Anyway, what are you doing now is something forgotten for a very long time. At least, since BASIC was widely used. That is not only prototyping, but a handy tool. Currently it is not so easy to quickly develop small application for quick tasks without knowing all those complicated development environments and even more complicated language constructs. I mean, there is nothing I know for non-programmers.

I know many wise people, that are experts in their area and would like to simplify their computer tasks. Also they know that computer can do more for them.. But they simply can not use it as there are not simple tools for them.

This can evolve in a solution...