Saturday, August 06, 2005

Screenshot UKUUG Demo

Just to show you how the demo was looking:

Nice no ? :)


Jesse Ross said...

Pretty... :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

I downloaded cvs today and tried camaelon theming under debian sarge gnustep installation. When I launch a gnustep app, it crashes when there is a window open, I can only get the menu (theme works for the meu BTW). Am I missing something?

Thanks, you are doing an amazing job!


Nicolas said...

hmm which version of gnustep is available on sarge ? it's possible it's an old version and something is missing in it that camaelon expects...

You should try a recent GNUstep release anyway (tgz or cvs..)

About Camaelon, you got it from étoilé's cvs, right ?

Could you send me a backtrace to nicolas at roard com ? start the app by typing "debugapp yourapp", then run, then after the crash type "bt" to get the backtrace. Because it's obviously not normal to have apps crashing ;-) -- which app did you try btw ? does it do that with any apps ?

Else, try to go to the #gnustep channel on, there will probably people that could help you if I'm not here.


Anonymous said...

Hey nicolas,

I just switch back to slackware and I installed most recent gnustep, will tell you about it soon...


Anonymous said...

Hey Nicolas,

Just wanted to let you know that camaelon works perfectly under Debian Sarge, I think I was missing some gnustep dev package. I noticed no bug so far.

Thanks for the hard work!


Stefan Urbanek said...

Beautiful :o)

If only GNUstep was more friendly to other environments...

Anonymous said...

Can we get these GWorkspace icons somewhere?