Friday, September 01, 2006


I finally finished writing the last remaining things for my system, integrated everything, and could generate the data for the paper just in time... That was a hell of a week, but at least this deadline is over now ! I'll sleep a bit :-P

I will also try to resume a minimum my gnustep's activity next week (been more than a couple of months it's on hold) -- I have a couple of things to do that shouldn't take much time from me and that would be rather welcomed :-P

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Anonymous said...

Hey Nicholas, This Kiitan - one of the students you supervised at the Masters class in Java. I went through your webpage and thought I should say hello.I kind of like your design taste - lovely!
I am working at the Bubble and Insertion sort codes and I hope to see you and explain to you to display that I understand the codes. see you on Moday