Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Well, quite a lot of things to do this week... in the end I didn't have time to work on camaelon last weekend (well, I worked on the glyph bug) but camaelon 2 release is still planned soon, along with other étoilé's components (hopefully this weekend ? finally ?) .. I need to fix the display glyph bugs in -gui first..

Else, I'm preparing the GNUstep talk I'm giving at the UKUUG 2005 Linux Technical Conference this saturday at the university of swansea, I'll try to make a cool demo of gorm, showing the power of building apps with components .. ;-)

On other topics.. my bag was stolen this afternoon *on my desk*, in the lab, when I went to lunch for half an hour... quite a few things inside, like, my passport, my keys, my newton... that really, really sucks. damn. This in a building supposedly with secured access..

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