Sunday, September 23, 2007

Evolved Virtual Creatures

A pretty cool video showing evolved virtual creatures:

More infos here, with Karl Sims Siggraph's 1994 paper..

another video from Nicolas Lassabe

more on Lee Graham's page :

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cairo backend

Just a quick note: Fred Kiefer fixed the last issue I had (bad text clipping / smearing) with the Cairo backend... so, no more little glitches, it's really usable now !

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Looks like it didn't take long for Yen-ju to play with the Cairo backend and partial transparency :)

Etoile Dock...

Shiny. (yes, too much like OS X)

GNUstep Cairo backend

After some effort, I finally managed to find a solution to the annoying scrolling bug in the Cairo backend... There's still some little graphic glitches appearing sometimes -- it looks like some clipping/refresh issues -- but overall it's nearly there :)

GNUstep Cairo Backend

For the intrepid, the code is committed on the gnustep trunk. The above screenshot shows the Etoile desktop (with the new compositing manager) and the work-in-progress Narcissus theme, running with the Cairo backend.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

AlpenStep '07


I was at AlpenStep this weekend, you can check some pictures.

It was a very cool event, thanks in particular to gerold's organisation. The location, in a small swiss village, was really nice -- I can say that some fresh air after beeing in london is good !


It was also a small-scale event -- only 7 persons (though gurkan came but left saturday before lunch :-/), which made it a very intensive event as well: lots of discussion, lots of coding too. Fred Kiefer was probably the busiest person in the room, as everybody wanted to ask him questions/advices... ;-)

Riccardo Mottola gave a nice GAP demonstration, and during the weekend he and Nikolaus Schaller were busy working on SimpleWebKit:


Nikolaus also made a cool presentation of QuantumSTEP running on the OpenMoko platform :)


The OpenMoko device is actually fairly nice, very high-res screen, and some interesting hardware to tinker with.


Quentin was working on ContainerKit for Etoile, a very interesting way of specifying UI using a generic data model (so you can switch representations on the fly for instance), also allowing very nice introspection features with inspectors generated on the fly. I tried to convaince him to introduce some Magritte-like magic, i.e. adding metadatas to your model...

Quentin and I also made a presention of Etoile, describing the various components/frameworks/applications, and how everything is supposed to fit...


Finally, I can only be admirative of gerold organisation skills... to the point were he got us a GNUstep cake:


Which was delicious !

In short, looking forward for AlpenStep'08 ! (and Fosdem'08 before...)


I was at AlpenStep this weekend (photos will follow..) which was quite cool. I teamed with Fred Kiefer (the GNUstep gui maintainer) to try to iron out some of the quirks of the Cairo backend. The main problem (recopy of surfaces is not always done well, which impact scrolling) is still here, although we improved some things, and it looks now like it should be solvable with a bit more work. We also added 32 bit surface support when choosing x11 visuals : a cool side-effect is that you can then use directly the alpha channel on the window :) and thus draw semi-transparent windows.

David will like that ;-) -- he's working at the moment on Etoile's compositing manager...

In the above screenshot, I simply fill the view with NSCompositeClear (so it's just transparent), and then composite an image on it, with 0.8 transparency. You can then see that parts of the window are fully solid, while some are completely transparent, and others partially transparent.