Saturday, October 29, 2005

GNUstep/Gorm videos

I uploaded a new video showing a custom palette in Gorm and its use -- isn't it great to code a complex volume dataset visualizer without a line of code ? ^_^

I also cleaned up a bit the main page..

I should probably make a video showing the services in action !


Anonymous said...

How do you have make this flash video ?

Nicolas said...

I wrote a post describing the whole process when I did the first video:

Anonymous said...

The Gorm videos are the very best thing since sliced
bread. Really. :-)

You can read thousands of articles on how to do things
with OPENSTEP (and I recently tried understanding
just this palette thing with a very good tutorial), but
nothing can beat the ease of learning with your videos.
It's just the hands-on-approach that makes the videos
so much better. :-)

Thanks for that! :-)

Anonymous said...


You can save a lot of bandwith by using the following command : ./ -c -V -o demo.swf ../../../demo.swf

I've tried just for fun on your video : 23,5Mo to 19Mo

skierpage said...

Really excellent, thank you!

What are the features/compatibiliby between GORM and Apple's latest iteration of Interface Builder (their overview here, not nearly as good as your videos :-). E.g. can they share files?

Nicolas said...

lionel: ah, thanks, I didn't notice that the new version of vnc2swf was able to do that (or is it something that was possible too before ? anyway, I missed it).

spage: in terms for features, Gorm and IB are roughly similar. Gorm has nice import/export of strings for the translation, I don't think IB does. But IB (well, and Cocoa) has the cool (even if not so great UI) for the NSController stuffs..

For the moment it's not easy to transfer from Gorm to IB or vice-versa; although you can compile nib2gmodel on your mac to generate a .gmodel from your nib, and then load that gmodel in Gorm.

But in the near future it will be possible to *directly* read/save a nib file in Gorm, as IB can now save its nibs in XML rather as in binary. Greg is working on that.