Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pink Floyd

Today I was in london for a job interview, and had a few hours to kill after it before going back to wales.. so I walked around a bit, and ended up reaching the Thames (duh! not surprising in london, is it ?). But I just ended up in front of the Battersea Power Station :

Of course, this power station is world famous because of Animals, the 1977 Pink Floyd album... ;-)

Sadly, I didn't have my camera with me, so the shots are from my mobile... here's some more:

ps: in the "cool for a geek dpt", I'm actually posting that from my laptop.. but through my 3G mobile cnx. With a cheap unlimited data plan, you basically get internet access everywhere -- as like here, in the train :D


Anonymous said...

Les photos, toujours du même beau nokia offert contre recherches, c'est ça ? Hé ben...

"For a geek dpt" ferait une excellente rubrique que j'adorerais voir s'étoffer, sinon.

Bonne semaine

Nicolas said...

Non.. le 770 n'as pas d'appareil photo ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos Nicolas!
You can read more about the Animals album and Battersea Power Station here: