Sunday, September 02, 2007

AlpenStep '07


I was at AlpenStep this weekend, you can check some pictures.

It was a very cool event, thanks in particular to gerold's organisation. The location, in a small swiss village, was really nice -- I can say that some fresh air after beeing in london is good !


It was also a small-scale event -- only 7 persons (though gurkan came but left saturday before lunch :-/), which made it a very intensive event as well: lots of discussion, lots of coding too. Fred Kiefer was probably the busiest person in the room, as everybody wanted to ask him questions/advices... ;-)

Riccardo Mottola gave a nice GAP demonstration, and during the weekend he and Nikolaus Schaller were busy working on SimpleWebKit:


Nikolaus also made a cool presentation of QuantumSTEP running on the OpenMoko platform :)


The OpenMoko device is actually fairly nice, very high-res screen, and some interesting hardware to tinker with.


Quentin was working on ContainerKit for Etoile, a very interesting way of specifying UI using a generic data model (so you can switch representations on the fly for instance), also allowing very nice introspection features with inspectors generated on the fly. I tried to convaince him to introduce some Magritte-like magic, i.e. adding metadatas to your model...

Quentin and I also made a presention of Etoile, describing the various components/frameworks/applications, and how everything is supposed to fit...


Finally, I can only be admirative of gerold organisation skills... to the point were he got us a GNUstep cake:


Which was delicious !

In short, looking forward for AlpenStep'08 ! (and Fosdem'08 before...)


Jean Canazzi said...

Oh' pinaise !
Rien que pour le cadre et le gâteau, ça donnerait envie de participer à GnuStep ;-)

Nicolas said...

Ah ben faut se lancer, hein, c'est tout ! ;)