Saturday, June 25, 2005

Flash Demo !

I just recorded a flash demo showing how to use Gorm + the StepTalk palette...
the link is :-)
I'll probably make a release later today, or tomorrow (just to clean up the last things ;-)


Anonymous said...


Nothing like such a demo to get a idea of potential of the tool. It gives us -humans- a way to grasp the idea without dealing with a necesarily complex description.

Great job.

Just one thing: Next time you create a demo make it 800x600 to make sure people with 1024x768 screens can look at the complete page.

Nicolas said...

Well, I did a previous flash demo in 800x600
( but here I thought that 800x600 was a bit too small, it would have looked very crowded... I watched it on my ibook 12", and that was still rather ok, even if you couldn't see the complete page... so... :-)

Anonymous said...


The demo is quite impressive. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to know how you made it (so we can make similar demos of our own).

Could you post a short howto?