Thursday, June 23, 2005

It works :-)

After fixing a couple of bugs, I was able to code a simple calculator entirely in Gorm :-)

I need to finish properly the NSMethodSignature encoding, but after that I'll probably make a release.


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! :o) I can't wait for the final prototype. Then I hope to synchronise your ideas with StepTalk. If you would like to see some changes in the framework, just let me know. As I said before: StepTalk is open.

Nicolas said...

I hope I'll release something this evening :-)

At the moment, well, it works, but it's rather inefficient (although for a calculator, that's not exactly noticeable ;-)

I should use the new exec method with args you added, it will probably be more efficient.

Qestion: it seems that self in a script refers to something... but would it be possible to actually add self like any other variable ? That would let the developer call methods of the object itself. Well, I can always use another keyword ("myself"?) but self would be more.. traditional :-)

Anonymous said...

Why do you want assignments to 'self'?