Wednesday, June 15, 2005

StepTalk Palette 1.0 released :-)

Well, I had the time this evening to create a small libStepTalkView library (containing... the StepTalkView widget...) and correct a few things, so I thought it was good enough for a release ! For once I'm trying to do "release early, release often". Although I'm not sure about the latter... ;-)

Anyway, the whole package (libStepTalkView and StepTalkPalette) is here:

What's wrong at the moment ? well, it seems the StepTalkView class is not properly exported somehow, so you need to reload manually the class in Gorm (Classes->load class, load StepTalkView.h from libStepTalkView) before drag'n dropping a StepTalkView -- I guess that's probably easy to fix. Else it seems to work..

What I'd like to do now is to create outlets/actions on the fly (well, actually, tell Gorm about them) -- if I can do that, then I can create an object that will let you dynamically create "StepTalk objects" -- add instance variables, methods, etc. Each "methods" will contains a script, executed on the fly, and each instance variables will be passed to the scripts. Not completely sure about methods parameters, but I'll probably find a nice way to deal with them...

Anyway, if I can do that (and that seem doable..), then you could really program entirely in Gorm :-)

(although it probably won't be very fast, for sure... but for prototyping that would be quite useful I think, and if you need perfs, you can create an ObjC object!).

Have fun, and contact me if you have ideas :-)

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